EMPOWERED WOMAN CAMP 2017 – Let’s Fly Away to Thailand!

What a great time in history!
What a great time for us Women!

All over the world, we are taking control of our lives, finances, happiness and destiny.

Our EMPOWERED WOMAN CAMP is for the ladies among us who are not satisfied with the “average”. Those of us looking for the extraordinary.
Come and join us in Thailand, in a 5 star, all organic hotel on a white sandy beach.

Tahiti Dance Fitness, Self-defense, Personal Growth, Health & Nutrition Conferences, Self-confidence exercises, Yoga, Chi Gong, Tai Chi and many more surprises…. EMPOWEREMENT IN ACTION!

We will share with you some of the best tools and programs to positively change your life, health, fitness, self-confidence and th way you look at the world… and yourself.
Get ready for a new life, a new you, starting NOW!

Your Tahiti Dance Fitness Team,
BOOK NOW: lila.evrard@kali-majapahit.com