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Tahiti Dance Fitness (TDF) is a complete dance training program for All Women of All Ages, and All Levels who are looking for a beautiful empowering dance activity that strives towards self-awareness and self-love while embracing their power of femininity. TDF is for All Women looking for a fun work out that has a deeper meaning.

Tahitian Dance “Ori Tahiti” originates from the sacred cultural roots of the island of Tahiti, nestled amongst the Polynesian islands. One of the many meaningful purposes of the practice of this cultural dance is to celebrate life and our emotions.

TDF offers two type of training: TAHITI FITNESS classes, blending Tahitian moves with fitness songs, ideal for a great and effective cardio workout and for Beginners and/or  TAHITI DANCE classes, the authentic traditional Tahitian Dance “Ori Tahiti” 

TDF combines all the fitness components of cardio workout, muscular preparation, balance, flexibility, grace, femininity and energy for an absolute wellbeing after each session.

TDF is also the first Polynesian Dance school that initiated Tahitian Dance in Singapore and South East Asia, bringing the innovation of two new styles of classes – “Tahiti Dance” and “Tahiti Fitness” – in the world, since 2009.

Come Join the Fun and Reach us in Singapore, Online… or wherever you are!

Tahiti Dance

Discover the beautiful art of Authentic Traditional Tahitian Dance also called “Tamure” or “Ori Tahiti” from Tahiti, French Polynesia. Learn all about the sensual moves of Polynesian dances while getting a great cardio workout during one of Tahiti Dance Classes. All Levels are welcome.

Tahiti Fitness

Are you looking to Stay in Shape? Then Tahiti Fitness might be for you! Join along for a Fun Cardio class targeting abs & gluteus, burning 500-700 Calories per session! Come Smile & Sweat learning a dance fitness routine that blends all the Tahitian "Ori Tahiti" Basics steps with a Low Impact yet effective Fat burning Cardio & Body Toning Work out program!

Wellness & Giving

Join our Community and have access to Wellness tips and Events. Every year we host meaningful events and have our Performances and Shows contributing to Humanitarian and Ecology related projects.

Tahiti Dance Kids

We Build Graceful, Focused, Confident little Dancers through our Tahiti Dance Kids “Ori Tahiti” program. Classes start from 3 to 11 years old. (Kids & Teens).

“Tahitian Dance and fitness is good for stronger abs, legs & butt. Using Techniques from the traditional dance of Tahiti, this is a serious workout!”

Her World Fit & Fab Magazine (Singapore)


It has been a pleasure to work with such a Professional dance group. They were very accommodating and performances were amazing! Resort World Sentosa

The class itself is uplifting and the teachers ensure everyone is challenged and enjoys the classes, leaving them with drenched in sweat with a smile. This school itself embraces everyone who comes to the class, and shares their values of health, challenge and fitness. A real gem of a place, where both learning and teaching beyond the dance studio occurs. Kim J.Y. (Korea)

FUN FACTOR 9/10: You won’t get bored in this lively class. What’s not to love about laughing and shaking your assets without inhibition? FIT FACTOR 7/10: A great workout for the core, glutes and legs. Hello, stamina! Shape Magazine (Singapore Press Holdings)

Since joining 6 months ago, my daughters age 8 and 10 and I have enjoyed bonding time (…) We have made new friends and love the stress-free, warm atmosphere at TDF. My girls are able to focus better, improve memory from learning new choreography and they also love the fun way Tahitian Dance is taught in the kids’ class. Jean (Singapore)

I found the teaching to be incredibly competent and well-planned. The instructors and assistants set the tone for an encouraging and positive learning environment. Luana, Hawaiian Hula teacher (Hawaii)

It is amazing not only I’m losing weight but I know I’m winning my life back. I really cant wait to loose more lbs and kilos! Im on my way to a healthy and beautiful me. Raquel (Philippines)