Discover the beautiful art of traditional Tahitian Dance “Ori Tahiti” during our Tahiti Dance classes. Learn how to sway on vibrant drums beats called “Ote’a” and poetic songs “Aparima”.


  • Traditional Tahitian Dance “Ori Tahiti”
  • Great Cardio Work out
  • Boost Self-confidence, Self-expression
  • Improve Coordination, Grace & Femininity
  • Cultural Experience
  • Friendly Community


  • Tuesday/ Thursday: 11.45am or 7.50pm
    (TDF HQ Singapore)

TAHITI FITNESS “Cardio Fitness”

Stay in shape with our Fun Tahiti Fitness classes that combines all the basics of Tahitian Dance “Ori Tahiti” into an effective Cardio Routine! Get those abs, tights & gluteus working out while burning up to 500-700 calories per class !


  • Fun Dance Fitness Class based on “Ori Tahiti”
  • Effective Cardio & Weight Loss
  • Tighten/ Tone Up abs, tights, gluteus
  • Tahitian Dance Basic Steps
  • Friendly Community


  • Tuesday/ Thursday: 12.45pm or 6.55pm
  • Saturday: 12.45pm
    (TDF HQ Singapore)



Went for my first adult trial class yesterday with my buddy and we loved it! Our kiddos are already doing the kids’ class and we thought to try as it looks so fun! I love that it’s such a fun way to get fit and that the moves are so graceful! So if you are looking for a fun and positive way to get fit, I’d highly recommend this!

Alicia Tan (mother of Cate, 6 years old) - Singapore

Almost 8 months in and the classes at TDF are still as fresh and fun! With a truly inspiring and experienced instructor in Bea, you get to learn raw, soulful Tahitian dance, get in shape with cardio exercise and cool off with some relaxation and stretches – all packed in one exciting hour.

What I appreciate the most, apart from the teaching style and content, is the warm and friendly environment fostered in class. Dancing with the feet is one thing, dancing with the heart is another!

Anita - Singapore