Child and Sports: Choices depending on ages and maturity level.

Here are some advices for each Great Parent looking for an activity for their kiddos.

Consider age-appropriate activities:

Toddlers between 2 to 5 are still in the phase of learning basic movements. They are too young for most organised sports and considering “free plays activities” might be best. Thinking about activities that will help develop their level of adaptability in a group, focus, body awareness,  might be suitable.

Kids between 6 to 9 get a vision and attention span that last longer and they can follow directions better. They can easily follow organised sports.

From age 10 to 12, children have a mature vision and ability. They can recall and understand sports strategies and routines. They are ready to take on complex skills and sports.

Before choosing an activity, parents may want to consider:

  • How much will your child enjoy the activity?
  • Does the sport emphasize age-appropriate skill development?
  • Will there be opportunities for each child to participate?

Each child has it’s own pace and level of adaptability, self-control, focus and maturity. It might be Time to find an activity that will help develop your child’s potential!